welldresseddaughters: Wow! I just stumbled on your blog, and youre amazing!! Im from a lao background and mostly travel to eat, so its safe to say i think ill like your blog very much. <3 keep up the awesome photography so i can drool over your adventures

welldresseddaughters Very cool! Hope to be posting some pics from my recent trip home shortly. Nothing beats great home cooking, regardless of what country you’re from. Thanks so much and happy travels and good eats!

reallykiwireally: I just discovered this blog, and I love it! It's the kind of blog I'd want to write if I hadn't had to put my travels on hold and stay in one place for a while. (No complaints, but I do really miss traveling.) Take care!

reallykiwireally Thanks so much for the kind words. Hope you get back on the road soon! But in the meantime, hope I can keep you entertained.

Wow!!! I was a little confused about all the new followers recently but thanks Tumblr staff 4 featuring my blog! And yes, ramen does make life better :)

This started simply as a way for me to document my travel experiences and I’m super excited and humbled that you all actually find it interesting too. Many thanks to all my current and now new followers! I hope you enjoy the blog.

Also, I love connecting with people when I travel so feel free to send me an email or note. I would love to hear from you all and maybe even connect over a drink or meal!

Cheers and safe travels ~ travel4food

p.s. where is everyone from (you know I had to ask and also for possible future dining/tip planning ideas, natch)!?

travel4food goes to a Thai restaurant : Kin Khao : San Francisco

I’ll be honest, I rarely go out for Thai food as I have family and friends who make excellent home cooked Thai (and Lao) food I can’t get in any restaurant. However, I thought I’d play nice and join my friends at Kin Khao, recently opened by Pim Techamuanvivit, who originally hails from Bangkok. Pim was  ever the gracious hostess, answering the various questions our table had about the dishes on the menu. She was honest in stating that the dishes and more importantly to me, the seasoning and spicing, was to her personal taste and she wasn’t trying to cater to some notion of “Thai” cuisine, whether that be Bangkok or other regional Thai styles. I have to say I appreciated that perspective, although I can’t necessarily say I share her palate. What I did love about the food was that it really was an honest and  very personal translation of Thai cuisine.

I’m a sausage snob (specifically as it relates to sai ua - the best I’ve ever had was at a family friend’s home in Australia, go figure), so of course we had to try that. Within Thailand, this is really a take on an Isan dish as it’s not actually a traditional Thai food and definitely not indigenous to Bangkok, although you can find it now all over Thailand. The meat is very finely ground (I prefer a rougher chop) and very delicately spiced (I prefer more robust and herbacious flavors with lots of kaffir leaves and lemongrass and chillis). I actually think the more delicate seasoning works well for a Western palate, but just didn’t mesh with mine. This held for most of the other dishes as well. Some at our table wanted bigger flavors. I get both perspectives, and for me personally, I like bigger flavors when it comes to this kind of food. I did also really appreciate the restraint as to the use of sugar as I find many Thai dishes too sweet. 

My takeaway? It’s a great, much more honest interpretation of Thai food that is worth trying if you’re in San Francisco. Another good alternate is Lers Ros, which has much more robust flavors and is “authentic” in it’s own way. But my ultimate takeaway? Nothing beats good home cooking!

NYC Summer 2014 : Hyatt 48 Lex

This was my third trip to this hotel; the first time since being granted Diamond status in Hyatts loyalty program as part of my loyalty challenge. As a result, I was upgraded to a corner suite. Additional benefits include free breakfast (or this case, a $25 breakfast voucher), which I sadly never used because I had other plans. The bedroom is quite compact, which is typical of Manhattan hotels. It’s located on Lexington, just north of Grand Central, providing easy access to the entire east side of Manhattan and the  other boroughs. I appreciate the fact that it’s a relatively small hotel and therefore doesn’t have the masses of people that other large NYC hotels have. Overall relatively new property, solid food options, has room service and is well located in terms of the train.

NYC Summer 2014 : MOMA

Some of my favorite pieces from my last visit to the MOMA. It’s sadly been too long since my last visit. And I just missed the Jasper Johns exhibit, which was still being installed. So does this mean a fall NYC trip?